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2019-08-11 11:25

Last night we finished the new season (4) of Veronica Mars. We didn't rush through the season, and we were still rewatching the previous one, when the new one came out, so I've seen headlines online about the "surprise ending" and how fans were super upset about it, and I'd kind of been spoiled for which character it involved, but in the end my imaginings of the surprise were much more surprising and worthy of being upset about than what actually transpired. There's probably something to be said for people who really love a show and then are immediately ready to give up on it just because a character they like is killed. The fickle love of fans.

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2019-07-30 08:14

We watched the Veronica Mars movie last night. As I recalled, it was a lot of fanservice, and not great as a standalone movie. The high school reunion premise gave them a reason to bring back as many characters as they could, and was a decent enough excuse for the related mystery, but a lot of it seemed wasted on cameo appearances, and not much getting a sense of any of the mystery's important characters (beyond Veronica herself and Logan). That show always suffered from not knowing what to do with a lot of its cast and that continued into the movie. Even the b plot involving the new sheriff and Veronica's dad seemed out of place, as if it were a set-up for the next episode or an ongoing mystery rather than part of a single story.

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2019-07-08 08:08

Spent our third night in a row at ███ and █████'s last night for dinner (veggie blts and sweet potato fries). We've been rewatching Veronica Mars season 3 in anticipation of the new season starting next month. Even on a probably third time through, I'm impressed by the plotting. The writers manage to keep a season long mystery going alongside various mysteries of the week and various interpersonal drama of the main characters. In all three seasons the pacing is well done, you don't feel like they are treading water or rushing through the main mystery. This is in rather sharp contrast to a lot of other more recent shows that seem unable to pace out a season long arc even for a shorter 13 episode season (like the various Netflix Marvel shows). It feels like (I have not read anything to confirm this), that the writers planned out the whole mystery more like a novel before they started work on the season, though I imagine, at the time, that was not how the show would have been written and filmed (I think at that time they would have been filming later season episodes as earlier ones were first being run). Even in the first episode of season three you can see some of the clues to the solution of the mystery. The season 3 mystery about college rapes feels all too contemporary, though one wishes the writers had done a better job portraying the college feminists, who especially early on, come off as a little too comedic.

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