Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-18 03:36

I was so distracted working on the status site generator I'm coding for the website that I never actually got around to writing anything. The coding is going well, it's nothing fancy, but it is successfully making a website out of a bunch of markdown files. There's plenty more to do, but it might be enough to at least get a first version of the site up this week.

Though I also have my Stars Without Number game Saturday, which I have not at all prepped for yet (as usual). I find myself less and less enthused about this game, even only a couple uneventful sessions in, but I'd also feel super guilty about getting everyone to try this game and then giving up right away. It's not the game itself, but my own lack of clarity for how the campaign should go. I had all these ideas, but most of them were perhaps too vague. Maybe after all this time I just wasn't cut off for game mastering. I keep having trouble translating the ideas I get enthusiastic about into something playable.