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2019-08-22 08:11

Had a few more ideas for my Stars Without Number game in the shower this morning, as I slowly piece together the characters' backgrounds (the game started with them having no memories). But it's also the type of ideas that I need to work into the game as playable. It's one thing to decide "x player was on the run because y happened", but it's another thing to figure out how that creates a playable situation I can throw at the characters during a session. Once again, questioning my previous decisions about starting this game. Once again, thinking I should have just stuck with what I was doing previous, or really, I should have just stuck with our very first campaign, as that one seems (in retrospect, admittedly) to have had the best vibe and the simplest set-up.

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2019-08-18 03:36

Though I also have my Stars Without Number game Saturday, which I have not at all prepped for yet (as usual). I find myself less and less enthused about this game, even only a couple uneventful sessions in, but I'd also feel super guilty about getting everyone to try this game and then giving up right away. It's not the game itself, but my own lack of clarity for how the campaign should go. I had all these ideas, but most of them were perhaps too vague. Maybe after all this time I just wasn't cut off for game mastering. I keep having trouble translating the ideas I get enthusiastic about into something playable.

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