Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-28 16:49

A stressful day, internet was very slow today which makes my work very frustrating especially when I'm working on load balancing a live chat application, which means testing often involves 5 or more browser tabs connected to different servers. Even typing in the terminal to my development server was so slow, the delay of the typing, the not seeing a typo until you are three letters past it, it all tenses me up and then stresses me out. My shoulders are hunched, my jaw is clenched.

I finished The Book of the Long Sun last night, maybe it was the amount of pages I read the past couple nights as I tried to finish it, but the ending felt very rushed to me. The first volumes had a pretty leisurely pace and then the last volume seemed to squeeze a lot into it. I think because of that I ended up liking it less by the end than at the beginning or middle. Felt like a lot was left unresolved. I can't but wonder (and need to look up) if The Book of the Short Sun that Wolfe wrote later is some kind of sequel (Edit: it is). I'm also still baffled as to the relation between Long Sun and The Book of the New Sun. The names indicate there is a relation, but I'm not sure I see it in the text itself.

I also wonder if I somehow just missed a few things, or if he really left a lot of questions unanswered. Some plotlines seemed to get dropped...