Derik Badman's Journal

2019-08-27 08:00

A drop in the temperature and when I left the house this morning, I though about going back in to grab my sweatshirt. We are rapidly approaching my favorite time of the year, when there is a slight chill in the air for my morning walk, and I can finally shut off the air conditioning. Monday passed quickly without event: work, lunch, dinner, a bit of tv, reading, sleep.

I'm still moving through Deep Space Nine over lunch and while I cook dinner. One thing I've always enjoyed about the writing of the show is how much they seem to think about getting all the major and minor characters to interact with each other in different pairings. Both the "A" and the "B" storyline in many of the episodes are often driven by character pairings. I imagine the writers saying, "let's write an story that pairs Garak and Odo together and see what happens." I do find myself skipping through the all Ferengi "A" story episodes, they never quite work for me.

Feeling like I don't know what to say, like I forgot something interesting I had to say yesterday but didn't write down. In some sense this journal, as a daily exercise is partially about memory, what do I remember from the day before, what do I remember thinking, what do I remember from what I watched or read. And in that sense often my memory fails me. I've often felt like my memory wasn't quite what it should be, wishing I could be one of those people who can quote things they read, or even remember what they've read. Maybe that's something I had to work at and didn't, as when I was younger I remembered well enough to get through school without spending much time studying and working on memorizing anything. Perhaps now that's to my detriment.