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2019-11-30 10:08

Just watched What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine a documentary from this year the head writer of the show made about it. One cool part of it was a series of scenes where a bunch of the writers (including Ronald Moore from BSG) got together and broke a story for a hypothetical season 8, 20 years later. It would have been even more interesting if we heard a little more of the back and forth between them, as it was edited down heavily to their final decisions. For fans of the show, it's a good look a bit behind the scenes and also about how the show was a lot ahead of its times in respect to the medium. A lot of the Amazon reviews of it are all "why did they inject politics into this" which really annoys me. I don't see how anyone watching any Star Trek but particular DS9 can miss a lot of the overt liberal politics. DS9 especially is strong on nationalism (or the planetary form of that), isolationism, and equality, all still pretty relevant (and one reason the show has still held up so well).

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2019-11-29 09:51

After almost 4 months of watching during lunch or while making dinner, I finished up my latest rewatch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Still really enjoyed it, even when I knew all the major (and many minor) plot threads. It does get a little rushed in the final part of the last season as they try to resolve all the larger plot elements and provide various characters with some kind of final narrative resolution. At lot of the small B and C lines get jettisoned from the episodes, and some of the major results feel anticlimactic. In particular the resolution of the Captain Sisko and the Bajoran Prophets and Pah-Wraiths storyline feels like a long slow burn with an abrupt and sort of stupid ending. After spending all this time building to some kind of Pah-Wraith return and great evil, they are defeated by one guy pushing another guy and a book into a fire pit. It's like the writers ran out of time to make the climax match all that came before it, so they just made it all happen as quickly and simply as possible.

I also feel like the religious themes of the show felt rather one-sided. The Bajoran "Prophets" are from the beginning viewed as just some weird kind of alien by the non-Bajorans. They somehow exist out of time and live in a wormhole. Sisko over time basically shifts to the religious view of them. All the other non-Bajoran characters just... seem to stop caring, but act as if the aliens are still somehow magic. It feels like no one is ever just "well if they exist out of time then the fact that make prophecies is perfectly logically and maybe we should pay attention to what they communicate". There's not anyone who takes a nice middle way approach to the issue.

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2019-08-27 08:00

I'm still moving through Deep Space Nine over lunch and while I cook dinner. One thing I've always enjoyed about the writing of the show is how much they seem to think about getting all the major and minor characters to interact with each other in different pairings. Both the "A" and the "B" storyline in many of the episodes are often driven by character pairings. I imagine the writers saying, "let's write an story that pairs Garak and Odo together and see what happens." I do find myself skipping through the all Ferengi "A" story episodes, they never quite work for me.

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2019-08-06 12:50

Still rewatching Deep Space Nine in dribs and drabs (mostly during lunch and while making dinner), and I'm impressed this time with how well the writers deal with some of the minor characters, particularly the ones that are (or seem to be) the "bad guys." A few recurring characters of that sort (like Gul Dukat or Garak) are given enough time and story to be often sympathetic even when you know they have done awful things.

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2019-07-08 08:08

It's a grey overcast sky for this Monday. I made myself an egg sandwich and watched part of an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine over coffee. After many recommendations, ███ was watching the pilot episode the other day when I went over for lunch (to get out of the house while the cleaning lady was here), and then I ended up watching more later when I was looking for something casual to watch over lunch. This is probably my... fourth? at least third time restarting the series, still my favorite of the Star Trek's and the only one I've managed to watch fully through more than once. It's attention to larger plot lines amongst all the problem of the week episodes always attracts me (yes, that is a theme in my television interest when a series is not a hyper-focused modern single plot series).

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