Derik Badman's Journal

2019-10-15 18:08

Another busy post-release workday as I try to get some issues resolved with load balancing our chat servers and fix some small bugs that popped up. And now it's after 6, and I never got around to writing.

Following up from yesterday, I ended up watching the Code Vein "good" ending on YouTube. It seemed like a set-up for a sequel, which is kind of odd to do in only one of the endings of a game. It didn't so much answer any questions or provide any closure as just set-up a sequel. But still, I'd play a sequel if they made one.

Criterion was having a sale today... 50% off... and I failed to resist it. Bought a few more Ozu dvds (including the small boxed set of silent crime dramas from the 30s), and a couple film noir ones, like Ride the Pink Horse which I read about long long ago and then found a ripped download of it because at the time there was no way/place to even see the movie. I feel like I should buy that since I've watched it at least twice via my probably illegal download.

Our next gaming session is coming up in two Saturdays. As it will be almost Halloween then, and I'm still feeling lackluster about my Stars Without Number campaign, I was thinking I'd run some kind of haunted house module. I know I have a few of them around, and there's gotta be one that I can run in a session or two. I was thinking we could just skip character creation and make decisions about the PCs as we go, when we need to know something about them. If they need to get past a locked door and one of them wants to pick the lock, well then they are a thief and have lockpicks. If someone wants to bust it open then we'll roll their Strength and see what chance they have. That way we can jump into the adventure without spending forever on character creation or me creating pre-gens and then the players not getting a chance to make any decisions about their own characters. If I can just find an adventure that seems appropriate and not too long.