Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-01 09:44

Woken up just after I feel asleep last night by a tornado warning. It was about 11:30, so we got out of bed and stayed downstairs in the dark until the warning passed. The power went out pretty quickly, and the wind outside was pretty crazy. Not any really great spots in the house that are away from windows on ground floor. By the time the warning expired and the storm had passed there were a lot of flashing lights going by in the street and then... not disappearing into the distance. We could see emergency vehicles parked just down the street. Turns out a tree had fallen onto a house and two of the people inside got trapped it took an hour and a half to get both out. I've imagined that happening to me in the past, as I lay awake at night.

I woke up extra early, still no power, so I get showered and dressed mostly in the dark, and decided to take a walk to see how much of town was without power. It was cold and very dark outside but looking up at the sky I could see so many stars, way more than I can normally see around here, it was really beautiful. There were 3 local news vans down the street where the tree fell on the house, I'm not sure why since there didn't appear to be any emergency vehicles left there.

All of town was dark and quite, not many cars out, no people, no lights. It was pretty neat to walk around in the dark like that in a place that is usually lit up.

(Emergency vehicle lights on the bedroom wall...)

Emergency vehicle lights on the bedroom wall 1 Emergency vehicle lights on the bedroom wall 2