Derik Badman's Journal

2019-10-30 08:10

Walking to the library yesterday, I heard the bird that says my name. Since I was a little kid I've heard that bird. I don't think I've ever indentified it (or if I have I have forgotten), but the call it makes sounds (to me at least) like "Der-rik". I've always been bad at bird songs and onomatopoeia, though more recently I at least have a few I can identify. Maybe someday I'll figure out which bird it is that calls my name.

Picked up two books at the library and ended up reading one of them through last night. Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water by Vylar Kaftan is a sci-fi novella (~100 pages) that I read about somewhere. The sample on Amazon seemed interesting, and our local library had a copy. It was enjoyable enough, a story of a telepath that works with the idea of a prison of the mind. The writing was often too long, such that I think it could have worked just fine as a short story. The beginning was interesting, then the not-so shocking reveal, then a middle section that sketched in a larger world and situation, and then the ending kind of abandoned that situation for another not-so shocking reveal. In the end, the story was more of a romance than the political/adventure story it is wrapped in.

I did finished watching the second episode of Watchmen which did start drawing on some of the comic's characters more, though it places them in the interesting context of stories within the story. We see the beginning of a tv show about the origins of the one superhero group, and we see a play about the origins of one of the characters. So, oddly Lindelof, is metafictionally proliferating the number of authors using the characters. Though the story that exists in the story is also a callback to the comic, where we have the ongoing comic-within-the-comic about pirates, this show has the tv-show-within-the-tv-show (unclear if it will be ongoing throughout the series though).