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2019-12-19 08:39

Watchmen also finished up its season this week and felt hollow. Visually interesting, well acted, and with a plotline that retained a sense of mystery throughout, it didn't feel like it was anything more than an excuse to unfold the mystery and then, unfolded, it just lay there like a blank piece of paper. Sean T Collins, writing at Decider, has a good take on the finale. Sean's one of the few TV critics I read regular, and his piece on the first episode got me interested to watch the show, and, like him, I feel like it didn't really live up to it.

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2019-11-11 08:41

Watched the latest Watchmen episode over breakfast and coffee this morning. It occurred to me, in watching it, that this is a very rare tv show that features pretty much no teens or twenty-somethings. All the major characters are adults of at least slightly older age. There are a few small kids and one character introduced this episode who is maybe a tween, but otherwise no one with a major part to play. That actually feels right in relation to the original comic, since that too was about a bunch of characters who weren't still so young.

This episode has some interesting though sort of ostentatious transitions between scenes. One really quick one transitioning from a kitchen in the one character's house to the yard of another's, had a close-up shot of a waffle maker closing and then a close-up of a circular gate latch opening. It was so fast I almost missed it, but the matching of shape and the opposite movements was really nice.

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2019-10-30 08:10

I did finished watching the second episode of Watchmen which did start drawing on some of the comic's characters more, though it places them in the interesting context of stories within the story. We see the beginning of a tv show about the origins of the one superhero group, and we see a play about the origins of one of the characters. So, oddly Lindelof, is metafictionally proliferating the number of authors using the characters. Though the story that exists in the story is also a callback to the comic, where we have the ongoing comic-within-the-comic about pirates, this show has the tv-show-within-the-tv-show (unclear if it will be ongoing throughout the series though).

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2019-10-29 08:00

Also watched the first episode of the new Watchmen show on HBO. I was actually going to skip it, but Sean Collins' review of the first episode got me interested. Sean is probably the only tv critic I regularly read, and I generally trust his opinion (he got me interested in both The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire which are both excellent shows). The show, like the comic it is sort of a follow-up to, is an alternate history present. And so far the least believable aspect of it is not that the reality includes a blue superbeing who lives on Mars, but that the police force of Tulsa, Oklahoma are all anti-racists. Though, followed from there, their actions are otherwise not really un-police-like. The first episode interested me enough to start the second ep this morning (probably finish it over lunch later).

I'm... conflicted about the show as a concept, since I am a fan of Alan Moore, and it does feel like his work keeps getting exploited by DC. But on the other hand, all his original characters from Watchmen were based on superheroes from Charlton comics, so this tv show doesn't feel totally different than that (at least so far we have not really seen the characters from the original, more that the show just exists in their world). So far, at least, it's not a direct adaption or sequel to what Moore wrote.

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