Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-13 14:35

Took the day off and then ended up doing some work in the morning anyway. Without a currently ongoing video game I had nothing to easily fall into doing, and I've not currently got any projects in progress. There are some more things I could do with the journal site, but nothing that seems all that pressing. For some reason, I find refactoring code for work calming. I'm making improvements, it's a clearcut goal ("get rid of this file", "change this whole page over to newer classes/methods/templates") and it's kind of like straightening up.

Probably I should have spent that time straightening up my office which is getting a little out of control with piles of (mostly) books. They keep accumulating, but I've not managed to get rid of any in awhile despite the piles that are exclusively meant to be weeded out. Finding a good home for books is not always simple, and I can't just throw them out or recycle them. Sometimes I sell them to Powells online, but comics and rpg books are not usually what they want.

Part of the reason I took the day off was because I was getting a massage. I can do that over lunch break, but it seemed like a good reason to use up a day before the year is over. A massage still feels really decadent to me, possibly because the first things that comes to mind are scenes in old movies where rich people are getting massages while they talk to their underlings. But, for me, I realized today it's also a way to really focus on my physical being and try to not get lost in my thoughts. I could easily lay there and get lost in my thoughts and miss the actual experience. In a way it makes me think of the reading I've done on zazen. Sitting and focusing on sitting up straight and not letting yourself fall into your thoughts so that you actually experience the time spent. I've tried in the past, in the morning before work, and then, as has happened increasingly with this journal, I end up jumping into work early and then I start missing days. I really should set a hard start time for work and then make sure to focus on other morning habits.