Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-16 07:32

We were the target of a DDoS attack yesterday at work. It was not the app I work on, so I was just watching from the sidelines. For those not familiar with the term, basically someone programmed a bunch of bots/malware to simultaneous and constantly hit a website so that it is overwhelmed, stops working, and goes down. Our customers are pretty much all libraries, so this was some asshole attacking a library website. I can't even imagine the logic of that, ok, well I guess I can imagine some disgruntled and too skilled student attacking a school like that.

Got the new Stars Wars: Fallen Order game for my PS4 yesterday. I am not in general a big Star Wars fan. Sure, when I was a kid I had some of the toys (mostly inherited from my older brothers), and I've seen almost all the movies, but it's not like with Star Trek where I've watched full series multiple times. I saw the last few Star Wars movies just as a social event going out with my siblings-in-law. I tend to be impressed by the effects but bored and annoyed by the plots. But this game looks like it will be good, a third person action rpg type game.

We have an in-person game today. Eric is running a one-shot of Low Fantasy Gaming which is a D&D clone/variant. I used a random generator to create my name/class/race and ended up with a scribe beastman ("half-skorn" in the games lingo), then when rolling my stats ended up with the perfect stats for that: 18 intelligence, 8 strength. It'll be fun to play and not be running things.