Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-23 08:23

Been wandering in and out of so many books lately I'm losing track. End up feeling a bit overwhelmed by having accumulated too many lately via subscriptions, pre-orders, the library, for work, or just from my book ordering habit. Sometimes when that happens I'll start getting antsy about whatever I'm reading, ready to move on to the next book and then second guessing when I decide maybe the current one isn't very good. Like, right now, I'm reading Molly Tanzer's Creatures of Want and Ruin and thinking of giving up on it. It's entertaining, but feels... light... but do I really feel that way, or is it just my desire to move on to the next thing that makes me think that? I know I've had cases where I didn't give a book a decent chance and then later regretted it when I did read the book in full and loved it. But I was on the edge enough about the previous Tanzer book, that maybe I should just trust myself this time.

Also been very slowly working my way through D.B. Dowd's Stick Figure: Drawing as a Human Practice, and I think I'm going to move that to the front burner so I can better pay attention to it. It's, as far as I understand so far, about drawing as a mode of activity that is not exclusively in the same vein as "art", but rather thinking about drawing as everyday activity (not in the sense of doing it every day, but in the sense of everyday life).