Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-24 12:35

Looked out the window and it was snowing, large fast falling flakes, too fast for normal snow, too fast to last, but for a minute or so it was pretty. It's another dark cool autumn Sunday, me without much of a plan. I've spent a few minutes trying to organize parts of my office, mostly shelving books (where I can find room) and moving more books into the piles for removal (sell? give away? donate?). I really need to get better control of the book accumulation.

I feel stuck today in limbo. I don't know what to do with myself right now, and I don't feel motivated to do anything. I feel overwhelmed by all this crap I've accumulated even though I know, relatively, it's not that much stuff. I am far from a packrat.

Took a walk to get over my funk, and got a hoagie from the deli, and now I'm feeling rather better.

I started watching Turn A Gundam yesterday, trying to slow watch it, so 1 episode yesterday and 1 today. It's definitely a weird one, apparently not super popular with the fans, but I've read good reviews of it, which made me think it was one for me. It starts with three kids landing in a mobile suit and then going their separate ways into a world that is sort of Victorian, sort of industrialized... with airships and prop planes and old looking cars, but still horse drawn carriages, I guess it's kind of steam punk but a lot more restrained in the technology and style.

This was the last Gundam series done with traditional cell animation so it's still got that bright, hand-drawn, style that gives it so much more warmth than digital animation.