Derik Badman's Journal

2019-11-25 16:30

Started playing Death Stranding the new Hideo Kojima game. It's got so many cut scenes that, so far it's more like an interactive digital movie than a game, and not a very good movie at that. It's a lot of too on-the-nose events and shots. And the explanations of what is going on verge from the excessively narrated obvious stuff to the completely incomprehensible. Of course the protagonist is the reluctant hero. It also appears to be all about "rebuilding America" which is super odd considering it's a Japanese made game. I may regret this purchase.

It started with a cut scene, then one where you pick up some boxes and walk to a cave. Then a long cut scene. Then you walk and pick up more boxes and go to a town. Then a cut scene. Then you're in the back of a truck and the only interaction is looking around. Then a really long cut scene, and another one. Then you walk across a town. Then a really long cut scene. Then you walk carrying a corpse from a town to an incinerator... then another cut scene started and I paused. So far I've spent way more time in this game with the controller sitting on my desk than actually doing any interacting.