Derik Badman's Journal

2020-01-03 07:09

I gave up on Flights last night. It wasn't really drawing me in, and I've learned to just move on when that happens, too many other books to read or reread. It was all these little short sections mostly about travel. There seemed to be a consistent narrator behind most of them but not all of them. Some were like short stories or microfictions, some were a little more essayistic. Many were either autobiographical or written to sound like it. I'm not that into reading about travel qua travel and nothing else was really grabbing me in it, so that'll go back to the library.

Not sure what I'll pick up next to read. I'm sure there's something on my shelf or one of the piles laying around that I could dig into. Maybe I'll read this edition of Walden I got a little while back. It's annotated, and I've read that it is very good, got recommended in the back of the Waldenx40 book I read.

It's dark and wet this morning, though not very cold. The weather forecast seems to indicate the lack of lots of cold will continue. Guess that's what Januaries are like now here. Not that I am too bothered if it means less chance of snow.

Filed a bunch more issues for my online character sheet. I've been enjoying adding things to that project: it's nice and uncomplicated to have an idea for improvement and just do it. It does't take forever, and I don't have to change a bunch of styles or really worry about what other people will think about it. I am the main audience and since I actually use it, it's easier to find ways to improve the user experience and the user interface for actual use. I was really trying to keep it static and just one html file served, but I think the only way I can do good reliable backup/restore data storage is if I add a small server side component so I can integrate with APIs for external services. I don't think I'm going to go the way of a database, but I guess I could, something lightweight maybe would give me a chance to try out some new things I've been wanting to try like GraphQL. This could be a simple project to try. We'll see.