Derik Badman's Journal

2020-01-05 13:19

I've spend a large part of the weekend (late morning through late afternoon) mostly work on my character sheet app. Lots of UI changes and accessibility changes to try to make it work better for me. I'm learning some new things code-wise and having fun with it, even though it is also very much like how I spend my weekdays working. I should have a whole new set of features released by the time this entry gets posted.

Started on The Witcher series on Netflix. Two episodes in, I quite like it, and am impressed with how they are handling the adaptation. They are showing multiple timelines simultaneous, which is pretty interesting. I've heard that viewers have complained about being confused by that, though the first episode offered some dialogue for those paying attention to clue us in that Geralt's and Ciri's plots were happening at different times.

They are also adding elements to the story, in particular, episode 2 starts giving us backstory on Yennifer as a girl. That's not in the books, though I know some of it is mentioned, and the show is using it to work in various character, location, and setting introductions, in an effective way.

The fight scenes are well done so far. In episode 1 there is a brutal fight between Geralt and some thugs. It is violent and there are cut off limbs and the like but it all happens really fast (as it would in a fight) without the camera lingering on the blood or the mutilations. It makes the action brutal but doesn't make it seem glorified.