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2020-01-13 17:19

Finished up The Witcher season 1, sadly, I think the last episode of the season was the worst one. It might not be a coincidence that it is the one that seemed to most be original show material. It depicted (and heavily changed) an event only summarized in the stories, and in doing so added a lot of stuff that seemed unnecessary, irrelevant, or just pointless. It seems like the writers want to build up Yennifer's character more, and also provide extra... narrative investment for a few side characters, but in the end it feels like they stray too far from the main characters and end up getting a little too dispersed with the narrative focus. They also went with a lot more effects and big fights and such than really needed, all of which seemed a little too Game of Thrones-y to me. I still really enjoyed the series and am looking forward to a second season, but I do wonder if knowing the original made me enjoy it less for seeing the differences and thinking that many of the differences were unnecessary or tonally inconsistent. It did also make me want to reread the books again, or play the game some more.

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2020-01-11 09:04

Still working my way through The Witcher season 1, 6 episodes in now. I'm noticing more and more how the show writers are altering the original story plots. Some of the changes are clearly to allow for the overlapping of timelines (so they don't have to wait until season 2 to show Ciri as anything but a little girl) and to fill in backstory (most of the Yennifer content so far). Other changes seem to be more about ramping up drama. And some, I'm not totally clear on their purpose or what they add to anything in comparison to the originals. The characters like to talk about destiny a lot, which is overdone, it almost makes the case for the opposite. If someone keeps urging you onto follow your destiny and do this and that, then it feels less like destiny and more like manipulation and choices. One of the major points in the early stories, when Geralt first meets Ciri as a child is that he isn't looking for her and, as I recall, doesn't even know who she is when he first meets her.

They also seem to be adding some kind of religious aspect to the Nilfgaardians, which I don't at all recall from the stories. I feel like that tempers the work some. Instead of just an invading nation of people, they are... religious fanatics or something? That seems more conventionally fantasy than just having all the war and death and chaos caused by an invading, expansionist kingdom.

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2020-01-09 08:16

Still enjoying the Witcher the way they are manipulating some of the timelines and plot threads of the stories allows for a wonderful mix of surprise at new scenes and new uses of characters but also delighted seeing familiar scenes played out on the screen.

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2020-01-06 11:43

Through episode 3 of The Witcher and I keep being impressed with it. The writers are doing a so far excellent job in adapting and modifying the original source material into something that tracks Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri simultanously, but also cleverly mixes the timelines and what stories they are showing to resonate with each other.

It's getting compared with Game of Thrones a lot, but so far I think The Witcher is much more of a fantasy show, and a much more interesting show. GoT was so much about tons of characters being moved along by a slowly (so slowly) moving plot. It took forever to learn about the different characters and the world and it was much more about political maneuvering than a fantasy world. The Witcher on the other hand, by focusing on a few main characters let's one learn about them faster. It also is already much more fantastical in nature, which is likely, a reason it won't ever be as popular as GoT.

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2020-01-05 13:19

Started on The Witcher series on Netflix. Two episodes in, I quite like it, and am impressed with how they are handling the adaptation. They are showing multiple timelines simultaneous, which is pretty interesting. I've heard that viewers have complained about being confused by that, though the first episode offered some dialogue for those paying attention to clue us in that Geralt's and Ciri's plots were happening at different times.

They are also adding elements to the story, in particular, episode 2 starts giving us backstory on Yennifer as a girl. That's not in the books, though I know some of it is mentioned, and the show is using it to work in various character, location, and setting introductions, in an effective way.

The fight scenes are well done so far. In episode 1 there is a brutal fight between Geralt and some thugs. It is violent and there are cut off limbs and the like but it all happens really fast (as it would in a fight) without the camera lingering on the blood or the mutilations. It makes the action brutal but doesn't make it seem glorified.

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