Derik Badman's Journal

2020-02-19 07:11

Stressful day yesterday as one of the first things I did in the morning caused potential trouble for our database the rest of the day. Trying to clean up a lot of data that we don't need to try to make some things a little more efficient I clearly did not do it in the most efficient way and basically slowed down our mysql database for our main server all day. So I spent the day stressing and worried that it was going to go down, and I didn't know what we would do if that happened.

But it does bring up one of my frustrations with work. I am basically expected to be able to do everything and while I can get pretty far I just cannot be an expert on everything. There always comes a point where I reach a limit to what I know how to do well and that can cause problems sometimes. It's like I'm very good with HTML and CSS and JavaScript and I can get by pretty well with PHP and basic mysql stuff but the more we get into scale and performance and servers the harder it is for me to just be able to do it all. That's frustrating because I don't feel I should be expected to be able to do it all. I can only have so many skill sets and I already have a lot.