Derik Badman's Journal

2020-02-20 12:50

Another stressful time at work, as there were problems with our release that caused our database CPU load to increase a lot. Only finding that out in the evening meant I just couldn't get it all fixed before today, so I had a bit of a restless night expecting at any moment to get a "server down" alert or something. Thankfully, the database kept trucking along, and I managed to just get out a fix that seems to have worked.

Wish there were more time to take a breather from all this, but there are still more regions to release to, more bugs to fix, more new features to write, more performance improvements to do. It's endless.

On the plus side, the new Cometbus #59 showed up this week, as did the new edition of Taniguchi's The Walking Man one of my most favorite manga, which I first wrote about it way back in 2005.