Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-04 06:55

Still playing Breath of the Wild in bits and pieces. After spending a lot of time running around the world and doing random side missions, just exploring, I started doing more of the main mission - what they seem to call dungeons but are more like puzzle rooms, large ones with a boss monster fight at the end. While I have had to look up some of the puzzle bits online, I was pleasantly surprised that the boss monsters are not crazy hard, which I guess I've been trained to think they would be by Dark Souls and such. In this case, I've gotten through the first two on the first try. I am still wishing the game had a little more in the way of NPC interactions and storyline choices. I can kind of run around and do whatever I want and whatever I want but in the end it's just my really blank character (he never even speaks) running around by himself occasionally doing things that people ask him to.