Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-06 08:20

I feel like I need to get excited about some project. I can read and watch movies and play video games (and work), but I also want to do something more creative, more than these occasional on-the-fly writings. Maybe more coding projects, maybe writing something more planned and edited. I guess not drawing. I used to think I liked drawing a lot, but early on, it was more about occupying my mind as I sat in school (I was a prodigious drawer in the margins of all my school papers and notebooks) and then later I think I was more excited by the results of my comics work as zines or books, rather than the drawing itself. The drawing always frustrated me, because I would look at it and see no style, no refinement, no expressiveness. Sure, this might be a lot of retroactive critiquing, but I have also felt that in drawing I was competent but never found a way to draw that was mine. That's certainly what made it easy to start appropriating and redrawing and using photographs and collage.