Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-20 08:53

Went out into the foggy morning to take a walk and was happy to see █████ ███ ████ out for a walk across the street. We exchanged some words, walking up opposite sides of the street, before continuing on our separate ways. It is always an extra delight to see someone you know (and like) unexpectedly when out walking. It's still foggy now, though that should clear as the day warms up to quite a lot. Spring is almost here but the weather at least has been ahead of schedule.

Had an online happy hour last night with the D&D group as I was working on dinner. As we all are more isolated it seems important to have at least some brief face-to-face (at least in the visual sense) communications. Everyone else is adjusting to life working from home, or, for █████ unfortunately, life where workplaces have just shut down totally.

The governor just officially ordered closed all businesses that are not on a list of specific types that are allowed to remain (some with caveats, like restaurants are take-out only). Oddly at the very bottom of the list is "Private Households", which are ordered to be closed... ???

Giving up on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night as I've gotten tired of it. I found an ending, wandering accidentally into a final boss fight, followed by a brief and unsatisfying denoument. I was confused, as there were still many places on the map I had not explored, so I looked online and discovered there is a second more complete ending that involves attacking a moon in the background of one fight and other things that seem like they'd be hard to figure out on one's own. I went back and played more to find some of the other areas and bosses, but having still not completed I've gotten bored with it as there are decreasing returns in what is becoming too repetitive. Maybe time to stop playing games for awhile, or maybe just find something else, or replay something old.

I could spend the extra time working on my story, which I am now editing. This morning part of the work was just finding the right terminology for things (if there is terminology for it). I also probably need to do a little research into what tools an artist would be using at a particular period of time.