Derik Badman's Journal

2020-03-21 07:54

I noticed this tree in our backyard hidden behind our garage has flowered again into these pink flowers with long petals. I really need to identify it for myself at least. It's so hidden that I can really only just see a couple flowers peeking over the roof of the garage from my upper floor office window, but I took a walk back around to see it yesterday and it's quite pretty, something to remind us that nature continues to go on while we are all doing some kind of weird reverse hibernation staying in our houses as spring shows up.

Had another virtual happy hour for a bit last night just always nice see some people, chat a bit, and we got an amazing takeout meal from Dettera (our local date night restaurant). They don't usually do much in the way of takeout but with times like this they're offering these kind of prix fixe family meals. Chef there was nice enough and knows us well enough that he did a fish for Leanne and a vegetarian entree for me instead of the normal meat entrees. It was a lot of good food, and we'll get a second meal out of it and hopefully we can at least help support one of our regular haunts.

This morning I'm up and about as early as usual but apparently earlier than most people, just taking a walk around the block. A couple cars, no people so far not even any dog walkers, headed over to █████'s yard. They have got a Cooper's hawk nest in the tree behind their house that I want to see. And he offered to make me an egg sandwich and send it outside for me, so that should be nice.

Hopefully we'll get a D&D session in today and/or tomorrow. I'd certainly be up for a few hours both days if I can convince everyone else. And we'll see where we go from there. I'm going to work more on this short story I wrote. It is okay probably not that good but I don't think it's awful. I need more specifics in it I think I've decided on a 18th century kind of vibe as far as technological level and kind of historical relations. That way I can use some of the things I learned when I was researching colonial America for a possible D&D game and maybe look into some stuff about 18th century cities in Europe at the time.

There were purple crocuses all around recently in yards, and now they've almost completely gone away again. They sprung up unexpectedly and now the ones that are left are small and shriveling mostly gone. I guess that means spring is here, because they were followed by the daffodils. We've got a couple white and yellow ones in our yard but they are up everywhere along the street here. It's nice to see, maybe we can all pay a little more attention to the changing of the nature around us at this point. And now I'm looking for a hawk nest.