Derik Badman's Journal

2020-04-22 08:17

Last night we saw one of the baby foxes come into the yard and retrieve an apple core Lianne threw out there for them earlier. They've gotten much redder than before and now look a lot more like small adult foxes than when we first saw them. I'm happy to see at least that one has figured out both ways into our yard: under the fence at one point and through the gate I opened.

Then this morning, as I was making my morning walk around the block, I saw the adult fox coming out of the park (via the stairs, foxes uses stairs apparently) and cross the street. She is looking pretty healthy, not super thin and her fur isn't all matted or mangy looking.

We rewatched (for the who knows how many times) Ball of Fire (1941) on the Criterion Channel. It's a really fun Howard Hawks comedy with Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper. Stanwyck plays a show girl/gangster's moll who gets involved with a bunch of old guys writing an encyclopedia, except for Cooper who is the incongruous one young man in the group. He's writing the article about slang, so there is a lot of crazy language in the movie.

Tried watching Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress at lunchtime, but gave up on it. The animation was fine, but the story just wasn't doing anything for me.