Derik Badman's Journal

2020-04-24 08:20

The male fox (I think it's the male, his fur is darker, mottled, and scruffier) crossed my path yesterday on my morning walk. He was headed into the park.

I just finished watching Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue (1997) which was more interesting than Millennium Actress, as I ended up watching to the end. The animation was excellent, still the handdrawn style that is so much nicer than the vast amount of digital work done now. It's not as flawless, and you can often see the shortcuts taken, but in those shortcuts is often the innovation and the experimentation. The story about a pop idol singer who decides to became an actress and the stalker(s) who don't want her to change becomes increasingly more confusing as the narrative goes on. The drama she is acting in starts blending with the drama of her real life in ways that blur the difference both for the character and the viewer. It's a really interesting narrative effect because it puts the viewer into a certain synchronicity with the protagonist.

My biggest gripe about the movie is that the two people who end up being the murderers/crazy ones are both the only ones drawn with faces where the eyes are extra far apart (making them look vaguely fishlike). And the male one has a really messed up face, like he has some kind of developmental condition, while the female one is like the only woman in the movie who isn't super skinny. It's really lazy and stupid.