Derik Badman's Journal

2021-02-24 08:04

(Wow, 5 days since I wrote might be the worst I've done since starting this journal).

Finished up JR on Sunday, at the end it feels like the plot really accelerates, mostly in the background though. You hear a lot about what happened to various characters by way of newspaper articles and telephone conversations and such. Enjoyed rereading it, but still don't love it as much as The Recognitions which I am due for a reread of. All the business jargon and the prevalence of it makes me less interested in the goings on.

Started in on Alex Pheby's Mordew, a recent fantasy novel that I read about... somewhere. I think too late I realized it's apparently the start of a trilogy. I am enjoying it though. It has nice short chapters which is a wonderful contrast to JR's lack of any empty space at all. So far the world of Mordew is underexplained and weird, but the protagonist and his situation are understandable enough that you can hold off on really needing to understand the various fantastic elements.

We had more snow. Maybe more than once since I last wrote. The ground has been covered in snow for what seems like 2 weeks now (maybe it's less?). It's really cut down on the number of times I get outside for walks. But the sun is coming up earlier and March is almost here.

Looks like I'll be running a game soon, in a Warhammer based world, but using a much simpler rule system. So far I've just been browsing a book about the city I chose as a setting and taking a few notes for random tables and factions and the like. I'm hoping to mostly run it on the fly with just some basic planning ahead and a bunch of tables for when I need them.