Derik Badman's Journal

2021-02-27 13:10

Needing to run a bunch of database scripts during off-hours has really messed with my week. Hard to concentrate on much when I have to keep going back to look at database charts or terminal windows to make sure things are running smooth. And I'm still not done.

Had a bunch of books arrive in the mail this week, mostly minicomics but also two art books (on Pierre Alechinsky and Amelie von Wulffen). Haven't gotten to any of them yet. Started Rohmer's Rendezvous in Paris and then didn't finish it when my Mubi subscription ran out. It's a collection of three thematically related narratives, so I at least got through the first two.

Just finished up the main storyline in Immortals Fenyx Rising. I don't think I'll be playing more of it (or the DLCs). It entertained me while I sat here running scripts for work, but the game is mediocre at best. The storyline (what there is of it) often made only middling sense, the too frequent attempts at humor were bad, and it's annoying that in this day and age they still portrayed all the Greek gods as pale skinned white people. It was all very... ok. And that may be it for games for me until Mass Effect remaster in May unless new DLC come out for Valhalla or Cyberpunk. Guess I can spend my time working on something else relaxing. Maybe just read more. But probably I'll just find another game to while away the hours when I don't feel like doing anything else.