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2019-10-17 08:46

Lianne took me to an art opening at the college yesterday, a variety of prints from a collection. It was a lot of ho-hum etchings and lithos of landscapes and buildings and such, but there were a bunch of really striking pieces. A large beautiful Rembrandt etching was moody and expressive with large swaths of fine lines. A Kathe Kollwitz print from her series about a weavers strike had luscious blacks of dense hatching that still managed to be differentiated from each other. I quite enjoyed a Piranesi etching of a "Capriccio", an imaginary ruined landscape, that was paired with a similarly themed Turner print. The Hokusai on view was sadly not every interesting.

There were a couple new discoveries that I snapped some photos of.

L'Hiver en Paris By Felix Buhot (1879)

Cuxa Cloiser by Rudolph Ruzicka (1938)

The first by Felix Buhot is most interesting because of the way there is a main rectangular image on the etching plate, but then there are also smaller vignettes around it, including those pale legs and feet at the bottom margin. It has a wonderful multi-panel aspect that, of course, appealed to me right away.

The second is a woodcut by Rudolph Ruzicka. I just really like the way the colors are used in this one to help create depth, especially the blue and orange.

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